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Michael Loban Revamps Complex Web Analytics Into Actionable Business Strategies – Episode 212

Empowering Entrepreneurs To Stay Ahead Of The Competition, Michael Loban is leading digital analytics and marketing optimization expert, is CMO of InfoTrust.com, and he shares today the increasing role data analytics has in reshaping the way companies do business.

As entrepreneurs looking to make better decisions about advertising, merchandising, user experiences, and marketing campaign impact, take advantage of Michael’s take on the role of data analytics.

Quote of the Day

  • “To use analytics today, and to do it well, will give you a competitive advantage in your business; but as we progress in applying analytics, it’s going to become the price you pay for being at the table. ” – Michael’s take on its value to business success.
  • “And if you don’t do it, you don’t get to play.” – John’s confidence that analytics is a game-changer.


  • Translating the complex challenges of data analytics and integration to empower businesses to compete more favorably in the modern world.


  • Info Trust – a digital analytics consulting and technology company that specializes in consumer-packaged goods (CPG). “Above all, we are passionately dedicated to helping everyone make better decisions through data.” -Visit our website, learn more about us and take advantage of an array of free resources.


  • Amazon.Com – a client-friendly business that has become a model for illustrating the power of customer service

John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Past business success doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the future. Take advantage of the rich store of data accessible on the web and what analytics can do to keep you in step with your customer/clients.
  2. Analytics is key to ensuring the ideal client experience by keeping you in touch with what works, what needs to improve and what needs to change.
  3. The ROI to entrepreneurs of tapping the expertise of data analytics experts is huge. The advantages of modern business techniques can make all the difference in achieving your dream.

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