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Web Marketeer, Phil Singleton, Has ‘Google’s Army’ Working Overtime For YOU – Episode 213

Dominate Search Engine Optimization and reconfigure inbound marketing strategies with top marketing consultant and SEO strategist, Phil Singleton.

Phil is ranking visibility clicks and sales by expanding web analytics to new horizons. Using a data-driven approach to every aspect of a project he is generating amazing leads and the increasing online traffic is ideal for all types of entrepreneurs.

Want to create that steady stream of ideal clients—the kind that want to invest in you? Then watch the video as Phil explains how to pivot, create evolving content and manipulate the most powerful new addition to the sales process in recent history, GOOGLE.


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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. E.A.T. is the acronym for Expertise, Authority and Trust.
  2. Expertise; the internet is an excellent facilatator to prove your type of expertise. Write a book, create content, become a thought leader.
  3. Authority; You must be positioned as the expert to experience being the authority in your field.
  4. Trust; allow others to share testimonial reviews so others know who you are and what you do. This trust factor arrives form the work you do with clients and through word of mouth. This is evidence that you can deliver.

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