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Bradley Callow Helps High-Performing Families Empower Their Children To Make Healthy Productive Choices – Episode 214

Bradley Callow, born into ease and affluence, showed his skills as an entrepreneur early, selling and using drugs at age 11. At some point, however, after some “bumps in the road,” a major pivot: today Bradley is an internationally recognized speaker, a highly successful conscious entrepreneur, and co-founder of RichLegacy.com and several other companies committed to behavioral health innovation.

Join us today for his powerful back story and even more remarkable personal transformation. His commitment to providing entrepreneurs and their families the tools and resources to ensure happy, productive lives is well worth your attention.

Quote of the Day

  • “No good stories ever come from when things go according to plan.” – Bradley Callow


  • Conscious Entrepreneurship: Challenging the status quo and turning… adversity into something good by helping others.


  • Rich Legacy – We help high-performing families from around the world empower their children in a way that moves them away from self-destructive behaviors.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. “Easy hard; hard easy…” Of the things that most deserve time and attention in your business, even though it’s often the most difficult to provide, none is more critical than family. Taking the time now is hard; taking the time later may not even be possible.
  2. With respect to family, the wise choice is to be proactive, to build a culture which recognizes challenges to your values, your priorities and your goals, before those challenges occur.
  3. Become a conscious entrepreneur. Adopt and apply the 5 principles of family realignment: Connection; Understanding; Balance; Inspiration; and Empowerment.

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