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Pat Do Brings Together An Extraordinary Team And Unleashes Extraordinary Results – Episode 72

As entrepreneurs, we must be consistently proactive to attract talented individuals to make up our teams and maintain satisfied and loyal patients/clients. Achieving this makes way for more opportunity to enjoy an excellent quality of life for ourselves and all of our stakeholders. Discover how Pat Do accomplishes it all with strategies that could make it happen for any entrepreneur.

Pat Do, the founder of Mid-America Orthopedics, is an extremely talented entrepreneur and orthopedic surgeon. His highly successful practice is the result of a conscious effort to bring together the right team of talented professionals and build a business model that sets itself apart from his competitors. By changing his practice in ways that differentiate his team’s approach from the typical healthcare industry standard, Pat has been able to serve his patients better and attract that steady stream of clients we are all looking for.

Knowing that efficient and intelligent execution is critically important to business, Pat focuses his attention on designing effective systems that are refined and implemented by his team of talented and committed professionals. You can do more with less effort if you simply surround yourself with the right people.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Adopt a systemic approach and identify those bottleneck areas that compromise business efficiency and patient care. Regularly identify and address opportunities to improve the workplace—for your patients, your customers and your team. This will improve not only your company’s effectiveness, but also your quality of life.
  2. Get more accomplished with less effort and in less time. It’s about maximizing the experience not maximizing the dollar. Find the value within your work so you do well by your clients.
  3. Build an organization that attracts talent: You have to build a brand and a culture that attracts the best of the best—or you are going to fall behind.

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