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Randy Hartnell Makes The Smart Pivot From Alaskan Fisherman To $20M eCommerce Business – Episode 210

Randy Hartnell, former Alaskan fisherman and current founder and president of Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics, thought losing his life’s passion as captain and owner of an Alaskan fishing fleet would change his life forever.

But he simply adjusted his goals, reapplied his entrepreneurial vision and doubled down on his passions.

Join us today to hear the back story and remarkable business success that is at the heart of the entrepreneur’s mission.

Quote of the Day

  • “A single A-player can run circles around an entire team of B or C-players” – Steve Jobs on the virtues of hiring the very best.
  • “To save wild salmon, you’ve got to eat wild salmon.” – Randy Hartnell
  • “If you had a million-dollar race horse, what would you feed it?” – In response to the high cost of fine product: Joe Polish


  • It’s important to do something you love, to have one of those jobs that doesn’t feel like work, and to do it as well as it can be done. And do what you can in the process to help other people.
  • “Our mission at Vital Choice is to help our customers… by providing deeply nourishing ‘real’ foods, backed by great customer service and our worry-free guarantee.”
  • The wild salmon is among the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acid (an essential component of all human cells’ lipid membranes) that we can access, and it’s delicious. To provide that resource to clients is more than rewarding.
  • Run your business with the highest regard for your clients/customers. It’s actually the Golden Rule that should provide the moral compass of any good business.


  • Vital Choice – Randy Hartnell’s solution to farm grown salmon fisheries. Visit the web site for a look at business done right.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. As entrepreneurs, don’t always be looking ahead for what’s new; rather, draw on what you’ve always known to be true in business that will not change, especially regarding the client experience.
  2. Build your company to reflect your own values. Remember integrity isn’t universal, but it is among the most important traits to require of team members and stakeholders. Find people you can trust who are A-players.
  3. Don’t assume the world is going to work as it always has. It’s critical to prepare for what’s on the horizon and to be ready with contingencies.

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