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Real Estate and Coaching Expert Brad Chandler is Summiting New Heights with Tremendous Insights – Episode 203

Brad Chandler is continuously scaling his company and power playing the real estate industry with the right team–successfully.

With huge strides and a positive attitude, Chandler’s dream company has come into fruition. Since 2003 Brad’s company has been involved in over 5,000 real estate transactions, buying and selling over 2,300 homes.

Chandler’s success enables him stand out in a field of never-ending possibility. His ability to reach out to experts in the field and outsource when needed has proven extremely helpful in achieving rock solid growth for Chandler and his company.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Continue meeting other entrepreneurs, discuss their overnight successes and discover your own success with the power of focus. As entrepreneurs it’s natural for us to want to do everything ourselves; however, if we can focus our energies on what we do best, we can really create an elegant client experience.
  2. Attract and retain clients and new sources of income using powerful media tools such as LinkedIn. Find the right people for your team.
  3. Make sure to background check when outsourcing online with behavioral and personality tests.

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