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Robert Hirsch on Aligning Your Thinking with Profound Business Shifts – Episode 26

Robert Hirsch is a modern-day business sage whose talents include taking other CEOs “down the rabbit hole” to a place where heart and head align to produce uncommon clarity, focus, and large-scale growth.

He has been known to “bend time,” allowing the companies and leaders he works with to make quantum leaps, starting with simple but profound shifts in the way they think.

As a CEO, he brings an unparalleled talent for both vision and execution – one of those rarest of individuals who can both see the view from 30,000 feet and guide his team to land the plane every time.

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Insight of the Day

  • A lot of people think they can do it alone. You must move from a mindset of “I can do it,” to a mindset of “We can do it.”


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. You must first recognize the differences necessary between building a $5M company and a $50M one. The processes are not only different but often juxtaposed.
  2. Next, we must create the systems and bring in the right people
  3. Let everyone around you know it’s going to be painful to change

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