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Sandra Joseph Speaks Passionately About Authenticity and the Stage – Episode 41

After seeing her first performance of The Broadway Musical Annie, Sandra fell in love and instantly knew the stage would be her calling. She performed in the musical, Phantom of The Opera. Today, after ten years of performances, Sandra continues to capture the attention of audiences, though her work now includes being a speaker, a published author, singer and stage actor.

Currently Sandra is a motivational speaker and co-author of the book, Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice. She speaks about what it is like to follow your passions and to find success through whatever hardships life happens to bring you.

Another significant part of Sandra’s mission is relaying the message of being authentic and truly finding the emotional connection that validates our lives… once we have found that connection, then and only then can we begin to celebrate where we are and reflect on the progress we have made.

Sandra believes that with success comes failure and we must learn how to walk through our failure and not give up. It is critical to mitigate the failure and find what works for you. She has worked with quality coaches in her efforts to seek true success. She has allowed time for reflection in terms of bridging the gap between life’s limits and opportunities, between the actual and the ideal.

Big Breakthrough

  • Sandra’s first big breakthrough came after a phone call with her father, she sat down with her journal and wrote about all the things that she was thankful for. The practice of gratitude shifted her perspective on life. Still practicing this today, Sandra is mindful of what it is that she is grateful for. Her goal is to be authentic and present. She continues to look for the “real” in people, reiterating “the know, like and trust factor.”


  • A year after Sandra left Phantom of The Opera, her father died from a sudden heart attack. Though she never really thought of herself as an entrepreneur, she is now being asked to speak about her life’s work and is taking advantage of the opportunity to share her message and help others find fulfillment. After her father passed, she wanted nothing more than to follow the path that has heart and meaning for the rest of her journey. When we have a big career success, a dream come true, it is no longer about climbing any ladders, it’s about connecting from the heart as often as one can. Sandra used her combination of talents and a passion to share her message to become a motivational speaker, sharing her story and helping others go after their dreams.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Left brain versus right brain, creating that emotional connection.
  2. Gratitude, mind the gap.
  3. Being present in the moment.

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