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B. Jeffrey Madoff on Creating a Brand of Success – Episode 42

B. Jeffrey Madoff explores the power and impact of brand names, their marketing appeal and what they represent. Beginning his first designer company at age 22, Jeff is currently the CEO of Madoff Productions and is highly sought after in the fashion industry.

As an entrepreneur who believes that relationships and the value of people come first, Jeff embraces a client-centric approach as central to successful business. He expresses gratitude to his clients and listens to what is important them. He understands that when entrepreneurs are looking out for their clients’ best interests, then they are looking out for themselves. This strategy is critical in building the foundation of trust and mutual respect essential to long lasting relationships.

As Jeff states we must reinforce this consistently and be able to react on our feet. When you are met with resistance, you must learn how to pivot quick, to be that corporate athlete.

Big Breakthrough

  • Jeff’s big breakthrough occurred when he spent time traveling for a year reflecting on his failing business. He wanted to fully understand what had happened and learn from it. Often people confuse motion with progress and believe that as long as they are keeping busy, they are having success. Jeff has learned that when one can stop and reflect, you learn a lot more. Landing in New York after the year of travel, Jeff met some people in the fashion industry shooting video. The camera became his pen, learning how to edit, shoot and do lighting. Looking back now he realizes that his current success ultimately came from his failure.


  • Jeff has many personal passions some of which include learning, being seduced by ideas and being curious. He has learned it is important to improvise and ask questions and, even more important, to listen and be fully engaged. His desire to do well by doing well by his clients feeds his zest for life.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Business is wrestling: we have got to be in shape to be able to play, to be that corporate athlete
  2. We are in business to serve our clients first; it’s not all about making money, it’s about helping our clients be successful
  3. Important in accelerating your personal entrepreneurial success: Take the time to reflect.

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