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Ted Prodromou on Creating New LinkedIn Connections and More Successful Business Via Social Media – Episode 43

Ted Prodromou is an award winning author and online marketing expert. Here, he demonstrates the essentials of incorporating social media into your business and, ultimately, delivering a great client experience.

Though Ted grew up in North Western Pennsylvania, he moved to Silicone Valley in 1979 where he began working with some really great companies such as Cellular One. When the market crashed with the Dot.com boom, Ted’s job, like many others, disappeared. Switching gears, Ted became interested in using social media as a grounds for connecting with people to propel himself forward.

Ted, as other like-minded entrepreneurs, believes that it is important to build relationships while connecting with potential clients. Social media is a great tool; however, to be successful you must refine your message and then leverage it. The key to sharing useful information and to consistently engage others is to master conversational marketing and control your platform by being consistent with your prospects.

Big Breakthrough

  • Ted’s big breakthrough came about once he began attending Dan Kennedy events. While at these events, Ted found himself surrounded by experts in marketing, some of the very best mentors. With their guidance Ted was able to find the coaching programs that best suited his needs.


  • For years, Ted was doing online advertising, essentially Google and Facebook ads. More recently, however, he has gained recognition for writing the book, The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business: How to Get Connected with 130 Million Costumers in 10 Minutes, and migrating towards that area of expertise. Ted feels most comfortable in connecting to people with whom he can build relationships. This is where he finds true passion.

Book of the Day


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to master conversational marketing.
  2. Focus, be real good in one area.
  3. Consistency is fundamental to building long term relationships.

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