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Shannon Susko On Catching The Rhythm of The Metronome Effect – Episode 90

Have immeasurable success as a serial entrepreneur using Shannon Susko’s proven methodology, The Metronome Effect. Set forth your own metric rhythm and make sure your company is doing everything it needs to grow profit and build great value. Every leader has a metronome—find yours and discover the path to predictable profitability.

Shannon Susko—with more than twenty years of experience leading high-growth technology companies in the financial services industry—is one of Canada’s leading female entrepreneurs. A former CEO and co-founder of two major companies, recognized as a front runner in her field, best-selling author and speaker, Shannon continues to serve as a corporate director and leadership coach helping top executives in a variety of industries keep their companies on the path to growth and predictable profit. Executing strategies is one of Shannon’s strong suits, providing solutions in situations where team leadership and goals collide.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Look closely at the role leadership plays in your business. How do you use leadership to improve upon business and set the rhythm of The Metronome Effect?
  2. Setting the framework, how do you bring entrepreneurs together to build great businesses?
  3. Properly executing an action can bring great results. You may have great ideas but if you are not executing, then nothing gets accomplished.

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