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Stefan Wissenbach Reveals How to Build an Engaging and Self-managing Enterprise – Episode 52

Building a top-line organization is one thing; having a fully engaged management team is another. Find out how to build a dream enterprise and engage fellow entrepreneurs like never before.

Stefan Wissenbach is a highly successful wealth management entrepreneur, a widely recognized best-selling author and the founder of Engagement Multiplier. Stefan believes strongly in the role of structure as a robust framework which should exist at the core of every organization. Knowing the simple elegance of a self-managing and fully engaged company, Stefan provides an on-line platform that allows you to successfully achieve these goals in your own businesses.

Within the Engagement Multiplier platform, Stefan emphasizes the benefits to entrepreneurs like yourselves of having a clear engaged vision. Once the clarity of vision is fully engaged, you will ultimately inspire others within your organization to transfer that vision into action. The engagement must begin as a “top down approach” and gradually take hold as a “bottom up approach.”

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Work is optional. Help fellow entrepreneurs arrange their financial affairs and discover how work can be optional.
  2. Buy into systems and processes that work and are repeatable. Nail your client experience, then scale it up.
  3. Build an engaging enterprise and then get fully engaged with your team.

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