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Michael Fishman on Understanding and Harnessing Consumer Psychology – Episode 51

When you pay close attention to the words and language you use, you can stand out and more easily connect with current and future clients. Michael Fishman shares how you can make exponential strides in your companies by reinventing yourselves with the simple tool of language.

Michael is an entrepreneur, adviser and speaker who understands the psychology behind direct response marketing and research. As entrepreneurs, you want to get that competitive edge. By applying consumer psychology and understanding the socioeconomic dynamics of your businesses, you will gain the competitive edge to set you apart in your marketplace.

Human beings prefer things to be easy, smooth and understandable. Michael believes that language, at times too complex and fraught with textbook jargon, can create unnecessary barriers between advisers and their clients—unless you can clarify and connect through simplification. By understanding the psychology of your market, its social characteristics, you can establish a rapport with prospective clients; and your marketing results will improve.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Recognize the connection between consumer psychology and high net worth personalities.
  2. Words and language, essential communication skills, matter.
  3. How you can change your business overnight? Reinvent yourself; know who it is you are going to serve first and what is required to get big results.

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