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Take Deliberate Action With Ian Balina As He Dives In To The Art Of Internet Hustling – Episode 155

CEO and founder of Peer Hustle, Ian Balina is looking for the next big thing.

As an entrepreneur and tech evangelist, Ian Balina has made exceptional progress supporting local talent and freelance artists in every city. Much of his success is due to his self-proclaimed and fully functional app called Peer Hustle, a mobile application which allows users to find on-demand freelancers to outsource any particular project.

As a man of many talents working in the software industry and founding a variety of other companies, Ian has achieved success by keeping his eye on the prize and pivoting whenever necessary. Simply by believing in himself and having the confidence to take deliberate massive action, Ian has started the conversation in new arenas, creating value where value is needed.


  • Peer Hustle – Hire Local Freelancers And Find Freelance Jobs


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. The world is full of bright talented people with whom we want to connect, and with whom we need to connect. With tools such as Peer Hustle, you can build out your business, energize your teams and create the value you are looking for.
  2. Don’t be afraid to dive right in. As you become more successful, it’s tempting to play it safe. But you don’t have to settle. Be willing to trust your creative spirit and your business acumen. Be willing to aim for the moon.
  3. Take advantage of the tremendous possibilities technology makes available, and believe in yourself. Let the market tell you what is working and guide you to new heights.

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