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Hal Elrod Reveals How to Make Everyday Feel Like Christmas Morning – Episode 53

Very few people are living life to their full potential. How can you, as entrepreneurs, succeed at a very high level and still maintain a healthy, harmonious balance—and wake up as if every day were Christmas morning? Hal Elrod shares his secret.

Currently a professional keynote speaker, best-selling author and success coach, Hal Elrod has experienced true success from a very young age. Believing in the power of affirmations and visualizations, Hal shares his simple daily routine for personal growth and development.

Through powerful and simple activities proven to maximize growth and increase job performance, Hal describes how you can break through to the next level by fully incorporating proven practices into your own lives—and your own businesses.


  • “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” — Jim Rohn

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Insight of the Day

  • The breakthrough that brought Hal to the next level of intention within his own life was his miracle morning ritual. Not only did he write the best-selling book, The Miracle Morning, but he also has lived his life by it, taking advantage of its proven health benefits and also using its message realize and sustain success in business.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. You are all driven to be successful as entrepreneurs, to make a difference in the world and be a hero to your clients. You want to provide your customers with a great client experience to earn their loyalty and to have a steady stream of new clients coming to your practice.
  2. You are in business for life: Use the “saver” acronym to achieve powerful results.
  3. Take it to the next level: Incorporate the rituals that work for the most successful entrepreneurs.

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