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Neil Moore Links Music and Self-expression with Science and Technology – Episode 92

With the tsunami of new technology arriving every day, the necessary resources exist to construct a new pillar of education in the arts capable of reaching millions around the world. Neil Moore shares his vision of how this opportunity will potentially shape humanity on a global level.

Neil Moore, a pioneer and world leader in the field of playing-based music education, is the founder and executive director of Simply Music International, a music education institution with over 700 locations in 11 countries. This institution is committed to helping others realize how humanity can be changed on a fundamental level—with music.

During his interview, Neil describes in detail the three foundations of what he calls The Entrepreneurial Trinity—space, completion, and love. These fundamentals have the ability to link us to our deepest passions and life goals.


  • Neil is passionate about music and how it can impact the future by bringing creativity and self-expression to the world. He believes we must help establish the future through the power of science and technology, in developing projects that impact populations of people, none more universally valued by individuals in all cultures than music.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Recognize the importance of delivering a great client experience to growing your business. Know that people want to share that experience with the world.
  2. Get to know the entrepreneurial trinity—space, completion and love. It may prove to be useful.
  3. Appreciate your key relationships and the love surrounding you.

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