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Theodore Modis Predicts Future Trends And Puts You Ahead of The Curve – Episode 81

Do you want to be able to predict the future and deliver tremendous value to your clients? Listen to how futurist and best-selling author Theodore Modis challenges competition in market dynamics with quantitative patterns and research.

Theodore Modis is a best-selling author and futurist. Theodore began his work as a trained physicist then moved into a digital equipment corporation in management science. His research primarily focused on trends and competition within the marketplace. Theodore was able to look at the natural growth in business trends, allowing any company to execute and plan product cycles and solutions.

Theodore compares business to nature, where there is at first exponential growth and then eventually it will flatten out. This is known as the “S curve”. You can forecast certain events but what is unforeseen are certain mutations with the species that may alter these predictions. Look at where you are at in this cycle. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand and do your best to predict future patterns so you can deliver value to your clients and costumers.


  • “Survival of the fittest” – Charles Darwin

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Understand the natural growth of competition in both natural species and in the business side of things. The “S curve” can really help to show where you are in that cycle.
  2. As competitive forces come into play you have a natural decline in growth. You must stay ahead of the curve and create new products or solutions that will allow for the next series of growth.
  3. You have to be careful about mutations and deal with your ability to predict the future.

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