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Billionaire Coach, Todd Herman, Reveals How “The 90 Day Year” is the Ultimate Game-Changer for Professionals – Episode 206

Creator of “The 90 Day Year,” high performance coach Todd Herman is pulling out the secret weapon he designed exclusively for ambitious athletes, executives and entrepreneurs like you.

Todd began working with pro-athletes and Olympians focusing on what he calls the prodigy zone, where “every single ounce of competency flows out of you naturally without any doubt!”  How does one do this you ask? Well, by reinforcing and constantly developing your word choice to encourage the right mindset and help define your ultimate goal. This process, according to Todd, contributes immeasurably to the likelihood of your success.

Check out Todd Herman here at AESNation.com. Discover how to uncover the right mindset, a strong work ethic and more of the untapped qualities that keep you on a track for success. Be more effective in all that you do.


  • The Ultimate High-Performance System – Achieve game-changing results in your business in just 90 days with the system used by Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs like you.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. How to bridge each gap: dream up, start up, ramp up, scale up, and leader up. Creating the right value proposition to win loyal customers is crucial. We are big capitalists, and getting the right systems in place to create value in your company is the beginning of success.
  2. Focus on one goal; then cascade upward to hit that goal within the 90 days.
  3. Reinforce and constantly develop your word choice over time as to become fresh, energized and more effective.

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