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Jason Campbell Uses Meditation to Energize Your Teams, Sharpen Creativity and Supercharge Productivity—In Just Five Minutes a Day – Episode 205

Jason Campbell is a highly regarded expert in Zen meditation and practice, a seventh-degree black belt in karate, a chart-topping composer specializing in meditation music, and co-founder of Zen Wellness.com, a company that offers an array of resources and in Zen wellness meditation practice.

Jason Campbell convinces wary entrepreneurs that meditation practice is good practice for the whole company.

Join us today to hear the enormous benefits realized by you and your teams through the simple art of meditation—for only five minutes a day.

Book of the Day

Quote of the Day

  • “A master never listens to notes; a master always listens to the space in between them.” – Wisdom shared by Jason’s piano teacher when Jason was eight years old.
  • “If you are an entrepreneur, you are required to be creative, and have some type of creative solution to whatever problem you have in front of you. …and [meditation] supercharges creativity.” – Jason Campbell


  • Composing music which infuses the five elements into the meditation practice and making that music available to those looking to try it.


  • Zen Wellness – Change Your Life in 15 Minutes A Day – Medical Qigong Certification and Tai Chi Certification Classes.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Meditation makes sense for every entrepreneur looking to increase productivity, creative acuity, mental clarity and emotional well-being.
  2. Meditation helps to eliminate the mental static, the heightened pace of the daily grind, that too often hinders the creative thinking entrepreneurs exercise every day. Take advantage of background music to help establish the right rhythm, and mood.
  3. The key to adopting successful meditation practice is to keep it simple, do-able and repetitive—with a way of sensing its benefit. “Keep your mouth moist, and your hands warm.” Also, practice five minutes each day.

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