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Jason Korman Is Impacting Global Organizations By Connecting Culture Trends With Visual Tools – Episode 207

As CEO and co-founder of the top change management consulting firm, gapingvoid, Jason Korman is leveraging the concept of “culture matters.” This principle, according to Korman, helps to influence behavior and meaningfully transforms the business mindset.

By recognizing this operational mindset within their organizations, entrepreneurs begin to see how connecting ideas with visual tools can drive purpose and meaning.

Want to experience ultimate performance, influence behavior and expedite communication? Then align your operating systems and leverage the concept of “culture matters” within your company.


  • gapingvoid – Top Change Management Consulting Firm: Employee Engagement Solutions


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Culture matters.
  2. Recognize there is a process you can use once you are clear on your business culture. Then use it to your benefit to build on your brand and beliefs for all employees.
  3. Use this idea to motivate you and your teams: Good talent excites and inspires action.

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