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Brad Martineau Morphs Teamwork Basics With Incredible Workplace Dynamics – Episode 208

Brad Martineau, CEO and co-founder of SixthDivision.com, helps entrepreneurs transform their teams into super-employees, and re-energize their businesses with systems that truly produce results.

Tap the advantage of automation to grow your business, attract more of the right clients and improve job performance and satisfaction.

Join us today as Brad shares the insights that have transformed teetering businesses through cutting-edge automation solutions.

Quote of the Day

  • “You can’t implement strategies. You can only implement plans.”
  • “Systems multiply people.”
  • “Remember, you’re not the plumber.” – the simple wisdom of Brad Martineau


  • Sixth Division – The technology company whose slogan, We Make Automation Easy, is Brad’s mantra.


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Get clear on what you want to accomplish before you try to implement a plan.
  2. Focus is an essential ingredient of task completion. If you take off the glasses that you need to see clearly, you can’t be successful.
  3. Entrepreneurs aren’t required to be skilled in all matters of their business. But they are required to find the right people to accomplish necessary tasks.

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