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Carl Sheeler Reveals His Refined Process As The Foremost Thought Leader In Mergers And Acquisitions – Episode 160

Bringing wisdom and intellect to the table, Carl Sheeler is divulging his transformational strategic valuation creation.

Dr. Carl Sheeler is a Strategic Value Architect—taking any business from success to significance. His many years of management and litigation experience has allowed him to focus on everything from family businesses to intergenerational planning and office valuation.

If you are looking to transform equity, build value and quantify risks within your company, then look no further. Check out Dr. Sheeler and his refined process now.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Growth versus gratification. No matter what the level of business you have reached you have accomplished great success. How much further do you want to take it?
  2. There is so much value out there as part of the economic ecosystem. Leveraging human capital is a key component to any business. Make sure your shareholders and partners are contributing on some level.
  3. Inspire to take action and have humility as entrepreneurs. As your business is scaling up understand where you fit into the equation. This is the difference between being proactive and active.

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