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Josh Felber Pinpoints Peak Performance Levels And Makes Everyday Life Experiences Extraordinary – Episode 161

Want to experience wealth and freedom simultaneously? Develop your productivity capabilities with Josh Felber’s expertise and incredibly amazing tips.

Josh Felber is a serial entrepreneur and high performance coach whose mission in business is to help other entrepreneur’s, like himself, achieve the desirable life—and still make money. His message is simple, and his goals are not only accessible but are entirely achievable.

Fulfill your life, dial in and let go. Train yourself to be extremely focused and effective by integrating a few simple day to day routine steps. Make it a priority to enjoy the life you have always wanted.


  • Josh Felber – High Performance Coach Entrepreneur 10X Life


John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. As entrepreneurs we are constantly going, and life is coming—and going—at a fast rate. We must have focused energy. It’s essential today to listen closely to what the the market is saying, and to incorporate simplicity, elegance and an ultra-focused mindset.
  2. Have efficient days. Work your methodology, stay organized, and have your three wins everyday. Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with nutrition and exercise. Experience the high quality of life you’ve always desired.
  3. Use technology as a facilitator and use it selectively. Pursue a life which allows for the true integration of business, family and friends, and maintain the quality of each.

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