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Douglass Lodmell Brings to Light Key Factors To Consider In Protecting Your Valuable Assets – Episode 67

All too often the biggest headwind that entrepreneurs face is themselves. When fears of losing everything you have created make you more cautious than creative, you can become more conservative in your actions and too often settle for the safety of what you have already done. Letting go of these concerns, looking into ways of protecting your own assets, can allow you to really soar.

Douglass Lodmell is managing partner and co-founder of Lodmell & Lodmell, the nation’s largest asset protection business. Currently his company secures over five billion in assets and serves over 4,000 clients worldwide. As an expert in his field, Douglas realizes the importance to entrepreneurs of being able—and willing— to adapt and adjust for the market need. The market will tell you what is working, then you can run with it.

Within his company, Douglas focuses on going where the clients are. He and his partners do a full analysis of each client’s assets to determine which, if any, are at risk. One important aspect of his company involves an asset protection trust called, “The Bridge Trust,” which allows clients to protect themselves without giving up full control of their assets. Listen and learn.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Work with a top professional. Understand how you can be protected and do it in the correct way.
  2. No one wants to have their assets unjustly taken. As you grow your business, look into asset protection and move your business forward with confidence.
  3. Listen to the marketplace. Choose a niche market you can serve well, create a unique service model that puts you ahead of your competition and attract a steady stream of the right clients. You can be their hero.

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