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Michael Veltri Conceptually Applies Martial Arts To Business Culture For Razor Sharp Results – Episode 122

Bringing about change with a charge, Michael Veltri is empowering leaders and inspiring professionals from the east to the west.

Reaching true victory and achieving excellence, Michael, is redefining the role of clear, decisive decision making and providing leadership technics for any professional to apply to their business or personal life.

Michael Veltri is an Author, Speaker and Leadership Expert. His transformational work is cultivating life-changing behaviors and systems for all entrepreneurs.


  • “Seek to understand first then be understood.” – Steven Covey


  • Michael’s passions are incorporating Japanese martial art of Aikido into everyday aspects of your life to find purpose and an internal sense of power.

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Insight of the Day

  • Being strong can make you weak.



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Being strong can make you weak. Make sure your strengths are not making you weak.
  2. You always have a choice. By not making a choice is a choice. Do not leave anything to chance. Have clarity of vision and remember; ready, fire, aim.
  3. True victory is achieved by harmony. Expand your view through the eyes of you opponent. Letting go of fear and ego will allow you to succeed.

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