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Giovanni Marsico Divulges How He Consistently Finds “Hell Yes” Clients — Episode 121

Create purpose in your life, enhance your presence and energize your brand. Check out Giovanni Marsico’s gifted marketing formula—the next phase for talented and gifted entrepreneurs.

Giovanni Marsico is founder and president of Archangel Academy for Gifted Entrepreneurs, a for-profit mastermind club generating revenue and strategies for like-minded entrepreneurs globally.

Empower yourself and other entrepreneurs by investing in what you believe.

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Start with your true fans and work with them to help co-create your business model. Ask yourself what your rejection marketing qualifications are and how they come into play within your organization.
  2. Join or create a high-end mastermind group. Start a movement and be passionate. Brand your tribe. Become a hero and implement a business model to monetize.
  3. By creating and building on this experience, you have made yourself extremely referable.

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