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Within The Financial Advising World, Lori Sackler Is Mixing Things Up—Way Up! – Episode 158

With extreme wisdom and fantastic insight, Lori Sackler of The Sackler Group is changing the relationship between family and finances.

Lori Sackler is senior vice president at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and author of The M Word, a compelling and thoughtful discussion of family financing. As an investment managing consultant and financial advisor for over 25 years, Lori gained the experience, professional outlook and esteem to become a spokesperson for the industry.

Because of her life-long passion and deep understanding of interpersonal finances and relationship skills, Lori has become the lady to listen to. Don’t miss this discussion of her exceptional vision and the steps she recommends for overcoming both personal and financial obstacles. Take action today!

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John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Take action and execute “the money” conversation. Recognize and identify when a situation becomes critical—whether it’s business or personal—and deal with it
  2. Identify and acknowledge the obstacles. Write them down. This process helps to take the obstacles away, break them down and then to deal with them.
  3. Then prepare the who, what and where. Put the framing in place so you can have an outside expert look at the bigger picture, a chief financial officer to help facilitate the process of resolving the issue.. Get The M Journal!

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