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Acquire More Traffic And Engage Loyal Advocates With Dev Basu’s Five Pillars Of Predictable Growth – Episode 157

Dev Basu is making his dent in the universe by engaging clients and converting leads with innovative digital marketing solutions.

Dev Basu, president and CEO of Powered by Search, is a leading innovator in cost effective digital marketing and a widely recognized thought leader in the industry. His company, Powered by Search, is at the forefront of digital marketing gurus using predictive growth analytics, cutting costs and tailoring solutions for business owners everywhere.

Build your loyal customer base and acquire more traffic with Dev’s five pillars of predictable growth. Start today!



John’s 3 Key Take-aways

  1. Use the five pillars of predictable growth platform to create powerful and meaningful content. Get clear on your product, be concise about what you are actually delivering and make it simple and elegant.
  2. Broaden your appreciation of the customer base you are targeting with predictive analytics. Take advantage of social media, micro surveys and promotions to learn what makes your customers tick.
  3. Pay close attention to your key performance indicators and your return on investments. Make sure you have insight into what’s actually making a difference—for your enlightened self-interest and the success of your business.

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